Mortgage Rates Stay Steady After GDP

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At the same time, the the average overall 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose from about 5.29% to 5.41%, a rise of only 12 basis points. Over time, there are any number of examples where Treasury yields have risen faster than mortgage rates, as well as times when mortgage rates rose faster than Treasury yields.

The RBA has left official interest rates steady in November. In fact, interest rates are set to remain on hold in coming months after the Australian economy passed the biggest interest-rates test put before it for sometime. The CPI figures for the September quarter showed that the economy remains distinctly resilient to inflation this year, despite the hit from rapid rises in petrol prices.

The U.S. added 196,000 new jobs last month after a wretched 33,000 gain in February that induced lots of indigestion. Read: Hiring speeds up as U.S. economy. rate in nearly a decade. Perhaps just.

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Interest rates surged upward this week after stronger-than-expected economic data propelled yield on the 10-year Treasury to record levels. The yield on the 10 Year Treasury note rose to 2.47 percent earlier this week, its highest level since March. Mortgage rates have followed this move, as well.

Mortgage rates. While rates were able to recover and stay sideways in the summer months, September and October have seen a surge up to the highest levels in more than 7 years. Upward pressure can.

While it’s impossible to predict precisely in which direction mortgage rates will go next, a number of leading housing authorities have made predictions on where they think mortgage rates will go next. And after a steady decline, all expect there to be an increase as the year draws to a close.

Mortgage Rates Stay Steady After GDP Jul 30 2015, 3:08PM Mortgage rates were very close to unchanged despite market volatility surrounding the release of today’s GDP figures.

Fed holds rates steady, but markets expect rate cuts next month. It now suggests the economy is not as strong as the Fed thought it was just a few weeks ago. Mortgage rates are falling on the.

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