Mortgage Rates Drop Again; Existing-Home Sales and Prices Climb

MBS Day Ahead: Hoping to Build on Recent Strength With Uncertain Month-End Boost In one of yesterday’s updates (THIS ONE, to be specific), we discussed the role that month-end bond buying was likely playing behind the scenes. Long story short, when we see bond market strength at.

Mortgage rates moved higher today following higher-than-expected job creation in a report from the Labor Department. The Employment Situation (aka "the jobs report") is the most important monthly.

MBS RECAP: Technically Stronger, But. Luis L. Bair's Blog: MBS RECAP: After Strong Start, Bonds Get. – MBS RECAP: After Strong Start, Bonds Get Stronger on Tax Reform Ambiguities Posted To: MBS Commentary.. not to mention traders simply being lined up to buy more bonds after certain technical benchmarks were broken (like 2.42% in 10yr yields). The morning’s biggest news and biggest market.

NAR’s quarterly report on existing home sales and metro area prices again faults the low level of moderately. to find a home they can afford," said Yun. "As mortgage rates continue to rise,

 · existing home sales posted their sharpest drop in 18 years in March, a real estate group said Tuesday as it pointed to problems in the subprime mortgage sector for a sales.

UPDATE 1-Canada home resales drop again as rates rise -real estate group.. He said buyers who had bought a home before selling their existing home may also "become more motivated to reduce their asking price rather than carry two mortgages" as the falling market gives prospective buyers cold feet.

Following several months of nearly apocalyptic housing news, November’s 1.9% rise in existing home sales provides an enormous sense of relief. The consensus estimate had called for a 0.4% drop in.

Home Sales Rise in June As Prices Pass 2006 Peak In summary, mortgage rates shouldn’t pose any sort of threat to real estate in 2019, despite what we all thought a month ago. This is an excellent development, especially if home prices flatten out and inventory improves. Of course, if mortgage rates drop in 2019 the seller’s market may return in force.

MBS Day Ahead: New Tariff Announcement Keeps Bonds In Recent Range "Impending breakout. hold for bond markets. What we CAN be sure of is that bonds have been locked well inside last Tuesday’s range for 5 straight days now, and this range-bind persists even as.

You can’t always predict how the market will move. But you can watch it move. Let’s look at historical interest rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.Generally, the rule of thumb is when interest rates go up, sales prices move down to compensate, but not always.

Mortgages are priced for sale to attract investors who seek fixed income investments. There are many kinds of bonds available, and mortgage rates (yields) rise and fall with those competing investments to a greater or lesser degree. But how to price them? fixed mortgage rates, like other bonds, track US Treasury bonds quite well.

What’s more important: mortgage rates or mortgage loan fees? Most homeowners take out a mortgage to help them buy their homes, and for many, their mortgage loan is the largest debt they’ll ever take on. That makes handling mortgage debt one of the most.

The median existing condo price was $236,400 in November, falling 1.3% from 2017. Existing home sales in. in a fixed rate as soon as they can, with anxiety that mortgage rates might keep rising..

What’s With Mortgage Rates? Experts Offer Predictions For The Remainder of 2017 Based on the first quarter performance and our outlook for the remainder of the year. business continued to grow at double-digit rates. China represents less than 10% of total RMS revenue but.