Mortgage Rates Begin Week In Slightly Better Shape

Mortgage rates rose moderately today, bringing them roughly back in line with Monday’s levels. For the record, that leaves us in slightly better shape than last week, which saw the highest rates in more than a year. Today’s bond market weakness was driven primarily by the much-anticipated OPEC deal.

It’s August, so naturally, volatility is back. US equity markets ended a turbulent week to the downside for the second straight week as global interest rates took another leg lower. In a global.

Mortgages rates fall to record low  · Why low rates could be good or bad news for australian investors stock markets tend to do well when interest rates fall because investors believe the rate cut will encourage more spending and.MBS Day Ahead: Don’t Let 3.0% Make You Dumber MBS Day Ahead: Don’t Let 3.0% Make You Dumber . apr 24 2018, 10:25AM You won’t be able to avoid "3% 10yr Treasury Yields" this week. For starters, 10’s have already hit 3.0033% today, but simply.

Mortgage rate trends: higher, Faster To Begin The Week. Mortgage rates kicked off the week moving higher and faster than last Friday. The "Brexit" drama in Europe is partly to blame, as investor reaction to the economic uncertainty there influences mortgage rates here.

Volume fell 5 percent for the week and was nearly 19 percent lower than a year ago, when mortgage rates were lower. Interest rates began to rise at the start of 2018 and did. "Treasury rates.

As spreads between short and long rates compress, mREITs begin to face. that are currently trading below tangible book value and near 52-week lows which make them to be more attractive. Source:.

Mortgage Rates Eerily Steady at Historic Lows During the first quarter, Blackstone Mortgage also originated a low loan-to-value (ltv) transitional acquisition loan for office buildings in Canada, London, and New York City for $195 million. The 55.

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Home loan rates set record lows yet again this week in response to the Federal Reserve’s plan to buy $600 billion in Treasury bonds, mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac said in its weekly report on rates.. Freddie Mac said Thursday that the lenders it surveyed were offering 30-year fixed-rate loans at an average of 4.17% with 0.8% in upfront lender fees, down from 4.24% last week and the survey.

On the day ANH is flat to ever so slightly higher, but most of the other mortgage REITs are down significantly. the public report already was stale despite being published at the start of the week.

Housing market ‘in better shape’ despite slow start to year Property analysts believe the housing market started 2013 in "slightly better shape" than it has done in either of the previous two.