MBS RECAP: Return of “Global Growth Concerns”

We’re still waiting for full liquidity to return after the winter holiday break. Then moved all the way back down into the 2.45’s by the close, and Fannie 3.5 MBS managed to get back within an.

Factors that drive your mortgage rate: property type and use This is a key factor in how mortgage rates are established because it sets the cost for banks to borrow money. Lower fed interest rates typically lead to lower mortgage rate offers from banks; this, in turn, decreases the monthly mortgage payments a homebuyer must pay for a given mortgage amount.

Week 16 Recap. On Monday, equities sold off steadily throughout the day, and the S&P 500 lost 2.3%, registering its biggest one-day drop of the year. The major averages were pressured from the opening bell as global growth concerns returned to the forefront. In China, first quarter GDP rose 7.7%, which was below the expected growth of 8.0%.

 · Downside risk for oil dominates any bullish news. Their are two reasons for this. First, the concerns regarding global economic growth. Second, the.

Mortgage Rates Continue Rise From Recent Lows  · And it appears that the consistent rise in interest rates this year has all but dried up refinance demand. Is it time to say goodbye to refis for a while?. when mortgage rates were in the low 4.MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Gearing Up For Unfriendly Fed Posted To: MBS Commentary It would be a tad extraordinary to say that premiums are at a crossroads as we head into the end of September, until there&#039s any supplemental weak spot this 7 days. That&#039s because any supplemental weak spot will deliver yields nearer to breaking 2018&#039s prior significant of 3.128% established on May 18th, 2018.

Strategies 1. Seeks long term absolute return, high current income and capital appreciation through active asset allocation across global fixed income sectors using duration management based on the manager’s view of, among other things, future interest rates and market conditions. Duration can vary from 3.

By Matthew Graham Posted To: MBS Commentary 2014 was marked by a sense of hope that helped both sides of the market (debt and equity) make solid gains heading into early 2015. Rates in the US were falling as the ECB fought to unveil true quantitative easing (and because they may have rebounded from late.

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LONDON, June 11, (AFP): A combination of tighter supplies and a downbeat dollar sent oil prices surging to fresh 2016 high points this week, before they dropped on worries over the global economic outlook. Crude futures rallied for most of the week, resulting in world benchmark oil contract Brent North Sea crude reaching an eight-month high at $52.86 a barrel on Thursday.

May fed meeting: mortgage rates fall as the fed maintains “patient” stance Mortgage rates today, January 12, plus lock recommendations; mortgage rates hold Ground As Markets Take a breather; investment property mortgage rates: How much more will you pay? May Fed Meeting: Mortgage rates fall as the Fed maintains "patient" stance; Home buyers not deterred by rising mortgage rates or home prices

A recap of MBS Market Updates provided by MND Analysts and streamed. the resources necessary to allow residents impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to return home, regardless of race or status..

It’s a bit of an oversimplification, but not unfair to say that the return to this technical middle ground speaks. but today saw prices drop rather briskly to new 6-year lows. MBS Pricing Snapshot.