MBS Day Ahead: With Rates on The Move, How Low Can We Go?

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MBS Day Ahead: How Low Can We Go? Dec 4 2018, 9:13AM The day begins with the December rally gathering steam, or at least maintaining the surprisingly strong levels achieved yesterday afternoon.

Yet even with all these considerations in mind, traders appear surprised by the aggressive bid for yield today, and as Lyngen points out in a follow up note, "we’ve been asked several times today what’s behind the move in the curve and outright yield levels" and answers that one thing we can conclude with certainty is that it not. the data, Fed.

The next biggest move of the day happened at the 3pm CME close. This is notable because it suggests trading itself is a bigger motivation than economic fundamentals–at least this week. In the day.

MBS Day Ahead: With Rates on The Move, How Low Can We Go? Posted To: MBS Commentary There’s no question that the Fed was surprisingly dovish yesterday–even among those who were expecting a dovish shift.

In the day just past, bonds returned from the weekend with an unexpected fervor–at least in terms of outright improvement in yields. Looking beneath the gains, we saw limited volume and no fundamental justification for the move. Rather, it was driven by the very same absence of volume which allowed an imbalance of short positions to be exploited in a short squeeze.

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Mortgage rates move up for Tuesday. it could make sense to go ahead and lock if you see a rate you like.. These calculations are run after the close of the previous business day and include.

This makes sense from a technical standpoint as the charts suggested more room for yields to move higher in the current consolidation trend. A poorly-received 5yr Treasury auction at 1pm added to the.

More mortgage rate cuts expected as major lenders rebuild their market share NAB keeps mortgage rates on hold to ‘rebuild the trust’ of customers. the three other major banks increased their variable home loan rates.. I guess they’re pushing for market share growth.

Sterling slipped to a new low for the week near $1.2665, after posting a potential key reversal yesterday (new highs for the move were recorded before sterling sold off and closed below the.

The legendary creator of the MOVE bond volatility index and the iconic Merrill Lynch RateLab, Harley Bassman, has opined on the biggest inversion in the yield curve since the financial crisis (3M-10Y dipped as low as -22.5bps this morning), and his view is hardly favorable.