MBS Day Ahead: Back in The Range, But Yield Curve Could Protest

The slope of the yield curve is one of the most powerful predictors of future economic growth, inflation, and recessions. One measure of the yield curve slope (i.e. the difference between 10-year treasury bond rate and the 3-month Treasury bond rate) is included in the Financial Stress Index published by the St. Louis Fed.

Home buyers not deterred by rising mortgage rates or home prices House prices remained steady last month, despite the Bank of England’s widely-expected interest rate rise. The average price of a home in. Britain’s biggest mortgage lender highlighted that the.Compare mortgage rates: How to use mortgage comparison sites effectively And mortgage interest rates are tied to financial markets. Like stocks and bonds, mortgage-backed securities pricing changes all day long, and that can cause mortgage pricing to do the same.

Beware: The Inverted Yield Curve All of today’s drama–if you can call it that–came in the form of curve trading. That refers to traders adjusting bond market holdings by selling one part of the yield curve. bought back (buying.

Bonds improved slightly on the day, but pulled back from stronger AM gains. Yields ended 1bp lower at 2.358 and fannie 3.5 mbs were 3/32nds higher at 102-21. Stocks continued to defy gravity and the.

We move our 10s30s real curve flattener to 5s30s real curve flattener as 5-year reopening auction is on deck. Given that the auction is one day after the FOMC statement where the market probability of hike is over 60%, we think there could be a significant concession.

The technical bounce at 2.33 in 10yr yields was made possible by a strong rally in European bond markets and further stoked by the flames of the steepest day. MBS that are relevant to rate sheets..

up 1.1% for the month. The 10-year Treasury yield was range-bound for the month and finished at 2.6%, roughly the same level as the start of the year. The short-end of the yield curve remained inverted and inflation expectations muted, setting the stage for a likely Fed rate hike pause at the beginning of the year.

Mortgage Rates Continue Rise From Recent Lows  · And it appears that the consistent rise in interest rates this year has all but dried up refinance demand. Is it time to say goodbye to refis for a while?. when mortgage rates were in the low 4.Mortgage Rates Today: Wednesday, March 22 NEW YORK, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After barely moving in the past 3 weeks, mortgage rates moved slightly higher this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate now 4.22 percent. the.

The fragile stock rebound could reverse into a bear market or crash, several market watchers say.. 10-year trades in 1.75% to 2% range, yield curve steepens. the Federal Reserve and the.

Santander raises variable mortgage rates – Mortgage Solutions Santander raises SVR mortgage rate. It has told customers that it will be raising the cap on its standard variable rate from 3.75 per cent to 4.99 per cent from September 24. That gives it the potential to raise its mortgage rate to as much as 5.49 per cent.Mortgage Rates Drop Quickly After Jobs Data Mortgage rates continued heading higher at a fairly quick pace today, extending the move that began after yesterday’s Fed. Typically, when MBS sell off quickly, lenders tend to worsen pricing much.

MBS Day Ahead: Back in The Range, But Yield Curve Could Protest Jul 20 2018, 9:27AM 10yr yields attempted to break above their prevailing range yesterday.

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