MBS Day Ahead: 2nd Day of Powell Testimony. Any More Landmines?

The next day after this started, 10/30, Corey Feldman revealed he would release the names of every person he knew of who had abused him as a child in Hollywood. Rose McGowan was arrested for drug possession this same day, which was very suspicious timing – since she has been a leading voice against the abuse. WHY WAS SPACEY FIRST?

Apparently the Lancet report is so disturbing to some pro-war folks that they are now denying its very existence. Here’s Tim Blair, listing stories that he believes progressives have invented: Poor.

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One of today’s most obvious potential market movers is the 2nd round of testimony from Fed chair jerome powell. Normally, the first day of testimony is the bigger deal-the rationale being that Powell already had his chance to share his outlook once, so why would markets be surprised to hear it again? But keep in mind that it was really only one comment (essentially that his economic outlook had improved since December) that led markets to price-in higher chances of 4 rate hikes in 2018.

5 Ways Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer (Sidney Powell) Could Expose More About Spygate. Boeing Finds First New Buyer For 737 MAX Since Grounding. Why Boeing May Never Recover From 737 Debacle. Boeing says it’s open to changing name of its 737 MAX jet. It’s Airbus 13,000,000,000 – Boeing 0, On The First Day Of The Paris Air Show

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MBS Day Ahead: Without Help, Bonds Face Uphill Battle. In the day just past, bonds weakened moderately amid the lightest volume in more than 3 weeks and a relative absence of market moving data.

MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Increasingly Threatened by Momentum. – There’s no reason to expect today’s House session to be any more of a market mover than yesterday’s Senate version. In fact, the 2nd day of testimony almost always tends to be ignored relative to the 1st day, though there are a few exceptions.

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