Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates plummet after Brexit vote

 · According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average plunged to 3.48 percent with an average 0.5 point..

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It’s also the highest yield since January, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly survey of mortgage rates, released today. and pricing in higher rates to compensate for future inflation.” As with the.

In contrast, the 30-year mortgage rate declined after the Brexit vote, but only by half as much as the 10-year Treasury yield. This week, the 30-year fixed rate barely budged, rising just one basis point to 3.42 percent.

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Some two weeks into a post-Brexit world and mortgage rates are getting lower and closer to all-time lows. On July 7, 2016, mortgage giant freddie Mac revealed a further drop in rates for fixed-rate mortgages (FRMs) and hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) to "new 2016 lows".

Mortgage Rates Tuesday, June 27: Higher as Bond Yields Rise Do Online Lenders Offer Lower Mortgage Rates? It Depends People do this for several reasons, as I discuss below — some bad and some good. Refinancing your mortgage to lower your payment. a mortgage with just one lender and accept whatever interest rate.Mortgage rates do tend to follow in the footsteps of the 10-year yield, so rates have similarly jumped higher, but there is a silver lining on all of this. Both the 10-year yield and mortgage rates touched 2017 lows this week, meaning that they have a long ways to climb before they get anywhere close to 2017 highs.

Current Mortgage Rates; FHFA / Freddie Mac / MBA. Mortgage Rates, The Fed, and Brexit. What Does it All Mean?. act in a certain way depending on next week’s Brexit vote. To recap: the Fed.

Now, the economic uncertainties triggered by the Brexit vote make it even. Fed keeping interest rates at historic lows, mortgage rates are more likely to stay near their historic lows as well..

 · Click to Enlarge (Source: Freddie Mac) The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.41% for the week ending in July 7, 2016. This is a decrease from last week’s 3.48%, and from last year’s 4.04%

In fact, after the U.K’s vote to leave the European Union, mortgage rates continue to lower, closing the gap even more to all-time lows at 3.41%. This is likely to result in a boost in housing activity, particularly refinance, as homeowners take advantage of the current low rates, according to Freddie Mac’s report.

 · Freddie Mac: #mortgage rates plummet after Brexit vote After the Brexit vote, where Britain voted to leave the European Union, #mortgage rates in America plummeted close to the all-time lows in 2012. Here, Freddie Mac’s chief economist talks about what that could mean for the economy in the coming months.

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The average rate on a 15-year fix fell to 2.78 percent this week. "In the wake of the Brexit vote, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond plummeted 24 basis points," said Freddie Mac.