‘Don’t do it’: Scott Morrison tells banks not to pass on budget levy to customers

Bank levy in Federal Budget 2017: Will Australians end up paying more? THE surprise $6.2 billion tax hike in the Budget has got the banks fired up. They are warning that Australian workers will.

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The 2018 federal budget announced by Scott Morrison may be based on. hinted at the budget press conference, people don't like the banks very much.. In 2017-18 we are told to expect a deficit of 1% of GDP ($18.2 billion).. The rationale is, as the budget papers put it “so we do not unfairly burden.

If you think you see scott morrison. love banks and hate Labor feel vague cognitive dissonance and the anger is rather muted and people don’t talk about it all that much. A good example of this is.

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The federal government and Australia’s five largest banks are on a collision course, with Treasurer Scott Morrison demanding they "pony up" for budget repair and the banks threatening to hit.

Scott Morrison. to pass on the cost of the levy to their customers and shareholders. But Mr Morrison insists the banks can absorb the impost. "If banks think the way to build shareholder value is.

Just like we know’ that they don’t pass on Reserve. like the 2014 Budget it was supposed precisely not to be. The popular bits will be endorsed – the bigger spending, the bank tax; but not the.

politics Budget bank levy will be absorbed by customers, sector tells Treasury. Treasurer Scott Morrison had pleaded with the banks not to pass the levy costs on to customers, telling executives the public "already don’t like you very much". How do you not pass on a requirement for a.

In the latest budget, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison introduced a levy of six basis points on the five Australian banks with liabilities of more than $100 billion.

‘They don’t like you’: Scott Morrison warns big banks to absorb new tax By James Massola and chief political correspondent Updated May 10, 2017 – 7.15pm first published at 1.49pm

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‘Don’t do it’: scott morrison tells banks not to pass on budget levy to customers Rates have fallen on equity release: check your needs to find the best deal Mortgage Rates Drop Again; Existing-Home Sales and Prices Climb